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The school is located at Rocca al Mare in Haabersti District and is adjacent to the Open Air Museum. The territory has a strong relief, rich natural green areas and a picturesque nature. At one end of the site, near Vabaõhumuuseumi Road, there is a sports zone with a 200-metre oval stadium and sports areas. Not far from the road, there is a car park for 48 cars.

The schoolhouse is H-shaped by design and is located at the seaside part of the territory. The building is very spacious: a canteen, a swimming pool, a fitness room and a full capacity gym in one wing. In the middle there is a cylinder with a cloakroom, a lobby and a circular-shaped assembly hall and in the other wing there are separate buildings for junior, middle and senior school, all connected with each other by galleries. There are also studies, lecture rooms, a library, art and music studio and an observatory.

All the form rooms have a view to the sea.

The interior design is more practical than imposing. Brightness is given by colourful doors, floors, furniture and definitely by the students. 

Of the school territory only 7% is under the school building. Total territory is 8380 m2 .

The project has been designed by Emil Urbel, Ülo Peil, Taso Mähar and Indrek Erm of Arhitektuuribüroo Urbel & Peil.